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Blanchard Truck Centers Announces New Cat CT680 Model


Blanchard Truck Centers is proud to announce that the Cat CT680, the third model in Caterpillar’s vocational truck line, is now available. This bold design will set Blanchard customers apart from the crowd. The CT680 is as rugged as they come - built for heavy loads, hard jobs and harsh environments - but it still delivers shift-long comfort and a stylish appearance.

The CT680 features a rugged exterior, attractive automotive appearance, spacious and ergonomic cab, and vocational-specific engine ratings and transmissions. Its set-forward axle, parabolic taper leaf suspension and tuned cab air suspension system combine to deliver industry-leading ride quality.

The CT680 is a Class 8 set-forward-axle model offered with the 13 liter CT13 engine and a range of transmission options, including Caterpillar’s CX31 six-speed automatic, Eaton UltraShift Plus automated mechanical transmission (AMT) and several Eaton manual gearboxes from 8 to 18 speeds.

For superior ride quality, the CT680 features a parabolic taper-leaf suspension that adds extra cushion to the front axle, especially when unloaded. Service is also simpler on this new truck. For example, key service points are easy to access, and customers can quickly replace headlight bulbs and windshield wiper blades without tools.

Like other Caterpillar trucks, the CT680 is backed by bumper-to-bumper service at any of the seven Blanchard Truck Centers locations in South Carolina.  

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