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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS Power Supply in SC

Complementing your main electric power source with a reliable uninterruptible power supply system ensures that you will not lose power if the main source fails. A UPS power supply system can also protect your business and its essential operations against unexpected voltage spikes, reductions and other common power-related issues. South Carolina companies in a wide range of industries turn to Blanchard Power Systems for a cost-effective UPS power supply system that won’t let them down when they need it the most.

We’re Your Source for Cat® UPS Systems

Caterpillar® has been a pioneer in the development of technologically advanced UPS systems that are widely used in data centers, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and other operations where maintaining a consistent and dependable power supply is crucial. Cat UPS systems are known for their superior performance under even the most challenging operating conditions, as well as their ability to provide many years of low-maintenance protection.

We Offer Two Types of Cat UPS Systems

Blanchard Power Systems offers two different types of Cat UPS systems. Cat Double-Conversion systems transfer unconditioned utility power from AC to DC and then converts it back to AC in the form of a highly conditioned AC signal. Cat Flywheel UPS systems make use of power-dense integrated flywheels to store enough energy to compensate for dips and surges and to deliver critical power loads during an outage. Both types will fully protect your mission-critical processes while also providing the continuous power you need at a low cost.

Blanchard Power Systems Will Be There Whenever You Need Us

As a Blanchard Power Systems uninterruptible power supply client, you will receive 24/7 emergency support in the unlikely event that your system fails. We also provide routine maintenance and service to maximize your system’s efficiency and prevent unexpected breakdowns. We offer full training for your personnel to ensure safe and effective UPS power supply system operation.

Find Out What a Cat UPS System From Blanchard Can Do for Your Company

To learn more about the many benefits a Cat UPS system can offer for your company, contact the nearest Blanchard Power Systems location in SC today.

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