Fuel Polishing

Go further with Fuel Polishing Services from Blanchard Power Systems 

Because fuel is naturally unstable, accumulating tank sludge can eventually clog your filters, ruining your injectors and causing engines to smoke. Susceptible to natural deterioration, like any other organic fluid, fuels and oils should be guarded against oxidation, chemical incompatibility, water and microbes, which all contribute to the process of polymerization and stratification. Taking advantage of the fuel polishing services offered through Blanchard Power Systems will ensure that the fuel is ‘clean and dry’ meaning free from water and dirt thereby keeping both your engine and fuel in optimal condition.


We have Fuel down to a Science

If you're looking for expert fuel polishing services in South Carolina, look no further than Blanchard Power Systems. Regardless of your industry, we have Fuel Polishing down to a science. 

  • Electric Power Generation - To ensure your power generator and standby systems' fuel is at optimal quality, incorporate fuel polishing into your maintenance program.
  • Construction - Construction sites take their toll on your machines. Fuel polishing helps keep things running smoothly.
  • Marine - Have peace of mind on the water. Keep your fuel clean for peak performance and reliability.
  • On-Highway Truck - Fuel polishing helps keep your engine systems clean and your hauls on schedule.

For more information regarding our fuel polishing services, contact your local Blanchard Power Systems Product Support Representative.



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