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Beginning June 23, 2016, PartStore will no longer be available and you will be redirected to our new online parts ordering website, Parts.Cat.com/Blanchard.  This is due to a Caterpillar initiative of creating a better experience for all customers in North America.  Until June 23rd, you can still visit Partstore for online parts ordering.


When you visit Parts.Cat.com/Blanchard for the first time:

  1. Sign in with your existing PartStore username and password.  If you haven’t been to PartStore in the last six months, you may have to register as a new user.
  2. Select Blanchard Machinery as your dealer store if it doesn’t already appear.
  3. Update/complete the account registration fields if necessary and begin shopping.

If you are comfortable with the PartStore process, try the Quick Order feature.  This offers an experience very similar to PartStore.  Also check the preferences available in the My Account section.  For example, setting the default shipping and payment methods can speed the check-out process.



As of June 22, 2016, access to the SIS electronic parts manual can be done by clicking on the SIS button in the top navigation bar between Quick Order and About Cat Parts.

Additional resources:

If you have any questions or problems, contact your Product Support Sales Representative, call 1-844-BLANCHARD or chat with us at www.BlanchardPowerSystems.com.