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Temperature Control

Blanchard Power Systems offers an array of temperature control equipment for sale and rental from air conditioners to chillers, pumps to heaters as well as hoses, fitting, valves and cables.

Air Conditioners
Blanchard Power Systems offers air cooler units in many different sizes to fit your unique situation.
We offer 1, 2, 3, & 5 ton spot a/c cooler units as well as 12 ton industrial units and 20 ton upright units, perfect for large tents or small events. Most of our larger portable air conditioning units come trailer mounted. The majority of these units use standard 20” ducting, are remote thermostat capable and have speed evaporator blowers.
In addition, we offer service for these units 24/7/365.

Water Chillers
The Blanchard Power Systems Rental Fleet of water chillers features mobility, flexibility and value. With single units ranging from 30 Tons to 500 Tons, you can count on Blanchard Power Systems for comfort, process or additional cooling capacity.

Don’t be caught in the cold without the proper heating equipment. Our staff will calculate your heating load and offer and viable solution. We will install the heater on your site and offer service as needed. Our expanded fleet of heaters ensures prompt, reliable service.

For more information on the right Temperature Control unit for your specific need, contact a Blanchard Power Systems Rental Representative.

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