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DOT Inspections

In order to maintain compliance with DOT regulations, your vehicles are required by law to undergo annual inspections for interstate commerce. If your commercial vehicle weighs in excess of 10,000 lbs. and does not have a valid inspection sticker, you could face significant financial penalties. You will also be prevented from taking the skills test you need to acquire or maintain a South Carolina CDL operator’s license. Having a trustworthy source to perform these necessary diesel engine inspections can keep your vehicles on the road and help you avoid costly interruptions to your business’s delivery schedule.

Blanchard Truck Centers Can Perform Diesel Engine Inspections in SC

The experts at Blanchard Truck Centers can perform these inspections at any of our convenient, full-service locations throughout South Carolina, so you can stop worrying about government regulations and get back on the road fast. With seven convenient diesel engine inspection facilities located all across South Carolina, there is sure to be one near you. Our service technicians are up-to-date on all the latest diesel engine inspection requirements. We also have the expertise needed to spot potential safety issues before they turn into major problems. In addition, we can perform routine maintenance checks and repair work that can keep your vehicle operating safely in the period between annual inspections.

Schedule Your SC Diesel Engine Inspection or Routine Maintenance Checkup Today!

Don’t put your business at risk - trust the team at Blanchard to keep your vehicles compliant. For more information or to schedule a DOT Inspection, contact your local Blanchard Truck Centers location. Find out for yourself why truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators across the Palmetto State turn to us for all of their diesel engine inspection, maintenance and repair needs.

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