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Oconee County Tornado Damage Rental Generator Delivery

April 22, 2020


“With the recent tornados that touched down in South Carolina, Seneca in Oconee County took a direct hit. I think everyone has seen the pictures of the BorgWarner plant. About 3,000 people are still without power in the area as of late Monday (4/22).

Oconee Joint Regional Sewer Authority operates the Coneross Wastewater Treatment Plant just outside of Seneca. They were without utility power as a result of the tornado. They called me on Monday requesting a rental generator large enough to get the plant back up, because they don’t currently have a generator on their Admin building and the generators in the plant are not reliable. They were in the dark.

I put Lee Cassidy (EPG Rental Rep) on it and shared a little bit of knowledge from my visits to the plant. Lee was able to secure the deal and got the generator to the site exactly when the customer needed it. They have one utility delivery into the plant at 13.8kV that gets distributed throughout the plant. We delivered a 2mW 480V generator and a step-up transformer to get to 13.8kV. Our techs assisted in running all the necessary cables, and the contractor tied-in at the existing switchgear.

They got the generator up and running and put the plant back online, ensuring that they did not run the risk of putting untreated sewage into the creek/river. Utility power was restored to the plant yesterday, and OJRSA commented to me that the generator was great and was a big help when they needed it. Chet’s team deserves some kudos for this one!”

      -   EPG Sales Rep, Andrew Maddox, shouting out the Rental Power Systems team



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