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Cat® Standby Generators for Sale in South Carolina

Blanchard Energy is your exclusive source for Cat® equipment in South Carolina, including new standby generators and generator sets.

A Cat backup generator provides automatic, quick, and efficient power distribution to provide you with peace of mind during emergencies. Standby generator sets start immediately, prevent electrical damage, reduce insurance rates, and protect against hazardous voltage fluctuations and surges when power returns.

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Why Choose Cat Backup Generators?

Caterpillar is renowned for meeting the world's standby power generation needs with an unparalleled line of standby generator sets. When you need power, a Cat emergency power generation system can meet your facility's requirements.

The benefits of investing in a Cat backup generator for your company include:

  • Providing power during outages: An emergency standby generator will ensure you maintain contact with clients throughout a power outage. Emergency backup generators will also keep your property safe by sustaining your company's lighting systems.
  • Protecting your data: An emergency standby generator will allow you to hit the "save" button on hard drives. Doing so lets you preserve important company data instead of losing your information when the power goes out.
  • Preventing loss of revenue: You can select the correct size Cat backup generator based on the number of buildings, computers, and equipment you will need to power during emergencies. This way, you'll use your standby generator efficiently and put your money to good use.
  • Giving you peace of mind: Cat backup generators are permanent installations at your facility, so they're always ready for a power outage. Gas is an accessible fuel that you can rely on, even during electric outages.
  • Customizing to your needs: You can customize a standby generator to meet your most urgent needs. As a business owner, you can choose which pieces of equipment will receive power during outages and which are less necessary.
  • Automating: A backup generator is clean and efficient. What's more, these models will automatically turn on and off when it detects changes in power so that you only use it as long as the outage lasts.

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Blanchard Energy: Your Trusted Source for Cat Backup Generators in Carolina

Blanchard Energy is the right partner for all your emergency backup generator needs. We offer complete support for the purchase and care of your equipment, including:

Around-the-Clock Service for Your Cat Emergency Generators

The Blanchard Energy team will help you and your staff manage a potential power outage at our facility with emergency planning assistance. Our power generation professionals can help you choose the best generator for your operations.

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To get a free quote or to learn more about our Cat backup generators, call 844.252.6242 or reach out to us online today.

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