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Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling towers are an essential part of the cooling process for entire buildings and the HVAC systems within them. Cooling towers can pair with chillers to cool incoming warm air by discharging it into the atmosphere after conversion. Depending on the size of the operation, cooling tower units can combine to increase capacity for larger applications.

At Blanchard Energy, we offer a range of cooling tower rental solutions to keep your system running efficiently. Our engineering team can evaluate your current system to help determine which rental package is best for you. Whether you're planning maintenance on one of your units, need to recover from an emergency, or require supplemental cooling, we have you covered.

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Cooling Towers for Rent in South Carolina

Once our team helps you evaluate your specific cooling needs, our technicians can deliver, install, and get your system running in minimal time. We can develop a rental agreement based on your exact requirements, whether you need the unit for several days, a few weeks or multiple months. Our convenient locations across South Carolina enable us to provide local service to your facility.

Some of the rental models we offer include:

  • 500-ton cooling tower: Our 500-ton cooling tower features a two-cell design powered by a two-speed fan motor to provide a simple yet reliable temperature control process. Its efficiency makes it perfect for HVAC and light manufacturing applications when paired with heat exchangers and water-cooled chillers. Several practical applications for our 500-ton cooling tower include spent pool cooling for nuclear power plants, scrubber system cooling and supplemental building cooling.
  • 1,000-ton cooling tower: Our 1,000-ton cooling tower is one of the most versatile models of its kind because it can function on its own or with another cooling tower to provide the precise amount of air cooling you need. This model features a four-cell design with four internally mounted fans that can generate a flow speed of up to 4,000 gallons per minute. It works well for supplemental cooling for large-scale buildings and can produce high cooling efficiency levels with an industrial chiller.

Advantages and Benefits of Renting Cooling Towers from Blanchard Energy

At Blanchard, we strive to provide you with the most effective energy solutions at competitive costs. Our cooling tower rentals are just one example of the superior temperature control solutions we offer. Some of the advantages of choosing us for your cooling tower rental requirements include:

  • Cost-effective pricing: Because we have a variety of cooling tower models, we'll make sure you get the exact equipment you need for your application, preventing any inflated costs.
  • Easy reservations and flexible rental options: Once we help you find the right cooling tower, we can create a rental agreement for as long as you need the unit.
  • Speedy delivery and installation: Our team can deliver the unit to your site quickly after the reservation and have your cooling tower running in no time.
  • Service and support: Blanchard's knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you with any technical questions related to your specific application. Our highly trained technicians are also ready to service your equipment for any repairs or routine maintenance needed during the rental period.

Get in Touch with Blanchard Energy Today

To learn more about how a cooling tower rental from Blanchard can benefit your operation, contact us online, call us at 844.252.6242 or visit one of our South Carolina locations today.

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