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Chillers are essential for keeping machinery and other equipment cool across various industrial applications. These units work by moving heat from a machine into the air outside a building. Depending on your specific operation, you can choose from an air-cooled or water-cooled chiller to meet your cooling requirements.

At Blanchard Energy, we offer an extensive range of industrial chillers for rent. Our expert staff can help you evaluate your current cooling system to determine which unit is best for your application. With locations across South Carolina, we can provide you with the local, personalized service you need.

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Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals in South Carolina

Although air-cooled and water-cooled chillers perform similar functions, they use different cooling processes. Water-cooled chillers use water to carry heat from a machine back to the chiller, where a refrigerant condenses the heated water and transfers it into the atmosphere. These chiller systems also include a water tower that removes heat from the water through evaporation.

An air-cooled system does not need a cooling tower to operate. Air-cooled chillers have a condenser that uses outside air to remove heat. These units are ideal for applications where heat transfer and exhaust are not an issue.

Because air-cooled systems depend on ambient air temperature, they operate at lower efficiencies than water-cooled chillers. Air-cooled chillers work well in short-term, small to medium-size applications when there is no water supply available. Water-cooled chillers function well in long-term capacities and are better suited for large-scale cooling operations.

All our chiller rentals use environmentally friendly refrigerants to produce results for your application. We can mount our chillers on trailers or skids to ensure a seamless installation. Once we get your chiller running, our staff is available to provide technical assistance or perform any necessary repair in the event of an emergency.

Applications Our Industrial Chiller Rentals Serve

Keeping your equipment and machinery cool in high temperatures is vital for preventing malfunctioning, overheating, and excessive wear. An effective chiller system saves energy and keeps equipment maintenance costs low, resulting in a better bottom line for your company.

Some of the popular applications that use our chiller rental units include:

  • Alkylation cooling
  • Dense air injection
  • Wet gas compressor cooling
  • Environmental control
  • Concrete cooling
  • Plastic production processes
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Turbine inlet cooling

Benefits of Renting Industrial Chillers from Blanchard Energy

When you rent industrial chillers and climate control equipment from Blanchard, you'll experience a wide range of benefits that other rental suppliers can't match, including:

  • Competitive pricing: Our extensive inventory allows you to rent the most cost-effective option for your application.
  • Easy reservations: Once we help you determine the best rental model for your operation, the reservation process is quick and easy.
  • Flexible rental plans: We can help create a custom rental agreement specific to your needs, regardless of how long you require the unit.
  • Timely delivery: Our technicians will deliver and install your cooling equipment soon after your reservation.
  • Service and support: Our team can answer all your technical questions and provide the necessary maintenance or repair service.

Partner With Blanchard for Your Industrial Chiller Rental Needs

To request more information about our industrial chiller rentals, call us at 844.252.6242, visit one of our convenient locations throughout South Carolina or contact us online today.

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